You can expect to save at least hundreds on new cars. We have achieved savings of $20,000 and more. It just depends on the car. Check this page. With used cars, your main benefit is that you avoid buying a lemon.
The car will be bought and delivered from a dealership authorised by the manufacturer. (In other words a regular new car dealership). Ownership of the car will be transferred directly from the dealership to you.

Our responsibility is to ensure you get the lowest price on your new car, and that you are happy with the whole experience. We help resolve any potential difficulties with subsequent transactions. We are very keen to hear your feedback. Our ultimate goal is for you to buy every car using ACG and for you to recommend us to all your friends!

No. You will be buying from a manufacturer approved dealer, and so warranty conditions are not affected in any way. Warranty claims are handled by any dealer of your choice.
We have buying power. We handle a very large number of cars. and we are in the market continuously. We have a database where we track each deal made, and we know what the dealer margins are. We deal with multiple dealers of the same makes and cross check prices on an ongoing basis. We therefore know how far we can push. In addition to this, we also qualify for National Fleet pricing with some manufacturers. Lastly, we know the right questions to ask to make sure you get whatever additional manufacturer discounts you qualify for.
No, you don’t. We can help set up test drives for you that are arranged so as to avoid the stressful negotiating phase. If you choose to see a dealer on your own before using our service, be aware of the dealer tricks. You may prefer to research using the Internet (visit our research guide for help).
Yes. It should give you a good ball park idea of how much you might expect to pay. In some cases, on-road costs may not be included. Be careful with the small print! Visit our research page for more details.
In most cases, the quote will be available within 24 hours. In some cases, it could be just a few hours. We ask you to allow 48 hours before emailing us about it. In certain cases, it can take longer. It may, for example, be end-of month
All dealer quotes are valid for seven days from the time of issue.
It takes a day or two to prepare (pre-deliver) the car. This includes cleaning it and registering it (as well as other things, such as inspecting it for any defects). This is assuming there is no waiting list. If there is a waiting list, you could be looking at up to 8 months in some ridiculous cases. As a general rule, dealers don’t like to carry much stock. Ideally, you want to have a lot of time up your sleeve when you are in the market, because otherwise you may find yourself having to wait for delivery for the particular colour and options you want.
Some car models are in short supply. In these cases, you still get the quote, but you should be aware of the following: There may be a price change by the manufacturer between your order date and the delivery date. The price change (could be decreases as well as increases) will most likely be passed on to you. If the price varies, you have the right to cancel the order and get your full deposit back. In practice, this happens very rarely (as dealers want to keep the deals intact).